Rabu, 04 Maret 2015

What a Dream!

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I was in a ind land tribe in Papua and I don't even know any of them. They have dark skin and no one even talk to me. They survive and live in the water. But I had such a really thrilling adventure with them. I kept swim, swim, and swim. Roam the dark and murky waters.Then suddenly, there was a gigantic alligator! OMG Dragon! It was supeer yupeer duperrr big creature, as big as my heart. Ahahaha no, it's too much.  I saw the water color turned into red blood . I swim away as fast as I can. But he realized my existence and approached, he opens his creepy mouth  It's hard to me to breath  and ...... Arrrrggghhhh.... whoaaa it was just a dream! But I woke up with blood everywhere in my bed. I got my period. What a terrible morning.

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