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How does it feel to be seventeen? 
I think I’m about to freak out. Wait, I already am. Being 17 and all is overwhelming. Maybe age is just a number, but for me, it also about achievements. And these couple days it got me thinking. What have I done in the last 17 years? 
The answer is: not much. 
I’m still nowhere to make everyone in my life happy and proud. Not even my mother. Maybe she is proud of me, I would never know because she never tells me so. 
But whatever I might feel inside and whatever my twisted mind trying to tell me, one thing I know is: I am lucky surrounded by people who love me. For who I am. Meythria is a bitch. Meythria is (sometimes) unpleasant to be with. Meythria is so self center, she wants the universe revolves around her. And that, sometimes, drift people away from her. But still, I am trying every day in my life to be a better person. 
I am grateful to have so many kind and special people in my life. And I thank you, Mom. You are the one to make me believe I can do things that seems impossible to do. You, are my torch, lights my way especially when I am lost and can’t see or think what to do. I love you, for being quirky, funny, smart, warm you. Thank you.  
They say, life begins at thirty. I say, life begins when you know how to be grateful. 
And I am still learning. 
So, welcome, seventeen. Let’s get awesome together!

PS : Maap kalo ada kesalahan grammar, ceritanya lagi gaya-gayaan :P

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