Sabtu, 10 Januari 2015


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I woke up with sore throat, and I'm wearing nice dark shade of exhaustion under my eyes. I cried until fell asleep today. Ah well, actually I didn't have any serious problems. But, sometimes... not all things happen according to what I expected. And I don't even know who to blame. I have trip to Bali on Tuesday, and some shits happened. I got menstruation and which mean I couldn't visit some sites in Bali. It's like whaaaat the heck!!! what I supposed to do while my friends having fun in cool sites like Tanah Lot or other sites, seclude myself in tour bus?

Another problem, I realize the camera is broke. OH MY GOD DRAAGGGOONN!!! well it's fine by me , but the worst problem is why the heck my dad or my sisters not going give me pocket money. They are so mean and heartless, aren't they? and I don't have mood to packing.

All I want is  this is not the worst trip in this beginning of the year, please?

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